Thursday, November 11, 2010

Childhood Recollections

I was helping my mum with the house packing and I had some interesting finds.

Hair clips that I used when I was young. I had 100 over pieces and these few are my favorites:

My Favourite Hairclips

Card Games that me and my bro used to play. I spotted "Happy Family"!!
decks of cards

My little brother's favorite little bus model. My dad got it from London years ago..

London bus model

When we were young, there are a few stuff that my brother and I love collecting. One of which is erasers. We have lots of them. What you see below is just a small part of our collection. I guess the rest has either been given away else somewhere at home.

Country Flag Erasers
Country Flag Erasers

More Erasers Here:
More Erasers

Here are more unique erasers. Some of it are bought from overseas. I love the fries, burger n milkshake the MOST!!!
unique erasers

Random stuff: I love the vibrancy of the stuff in this box. It's just so colorful. Just by looking at it; brightens up my dull & boring day.
Random stuff

Last but not least, my school badge!!! If I were to find these 10 years ago; I think I won't be as thrilled as now.
School Badge

Saturday, November 06, 2010

I wish I didn't know..

Things that I believe n hold onto aren't not what it seems anymore. What should I do?

Perphaps I have been wrong about certain thing.. There are no absolute forever.

I'm worried..

*It has nothing to do with my love relationship. It's sth else.. It's just too personal to tok abt it. I just feel like blogging abt it that all.

No worries I'm fine so far.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garage Sales and Halloween In Office

My mum never fail to complain about the number of clothes and beauty products/cosmetic that I owned. Wait till she sees what the girls in my office has; then I'm very sure she will have nothing more to say about me. They brought piles and piles of clothes. The amount is rather scary. Good enough to open a shop!!!

There was some fierce competition going on for the 3g iPhone, quite a number of them were bidding for it. If my memory didn't fail me, it was sold for SGD200. The seller was generous to donate the proceeds to charity.

To celebrate Halloween, we dressed in all black and even had our nails painted black!!!

My nails: I added silver glitter top coat from opi.

My Starry Night with Silver Glitter Top Coat from OPI

All in Black for Halloween

All in Black for Halloween

Was craving for xiao long bao so we went for dinner at Wisma Din Tai Fung after work. I had shrimp n eggs fried rice instead of the usual pork chop.

We had 2 hours to kill before our movie start. Walked around and chanced upon this place called Dessert Ministry. It's a new place in Cineleisure.

It gives me a very "Taiwanese style" kind of eating place. Seating area was really cramped. To the extend I can even hear the next table's conversation!!!

This is what me n him had:

Mango Madness: consist of Mango ice-cream, mango pudding, lemon jelly, pomelo, mangos, watermelon, honey dew

The dessert was below my expectation. Pudding was nice however the coconut ice-cream was overwhelming. I can't taste anything else except for the ice-cream!!! The fruits were not cold, spoiled the overall taste

Watermelon ice blended with pearl:

The watermelon ice blended drink wasn't too bad, blended quite evenly but the pearl. OMG!! Fail terribly!! It was so hard!! Like they have kept it for too long. I think Mr Bean taste better than it!! And it cost $3.50!

I definitely won't return there to eat. The only plus point they have is: their staff are very friendly. No airs. Maybe they are young that's why.

After dinner we headed straight to the cinema. We were watching Social Networking. Story is based on the creation of facebook. Not a super interesting show for me. I fell asleep a few times.

After the show was like 12:05am. And we decided to watch a second movie!! A jap show. And guess what.. I forgot the title!!!

This time baby fell asleep and even snored!! Lol..

By the time we finished everything we were dead tired. Reached home n fell asleep immediately!! I will do the review of the movie at a later part.. Not a bad weekend for a start.

Black Angus

Baby gotten himself a new job. We decided to head over to Black Angus for dinner to try out their steak. I saw many raves about their steak online, so was rather excited to try it out.

After work, cabbed down to orchard parade hotel den walk down to black angus. Baby was there already when I arrived.

There were many Ang Mohs sitting outside. Baby choose to sit inside. I love the ambiance. Not very noisy yet not very quiet either because of the no. of people.

After scanning through the menu I decided on 10oz. steak with red wine sauce n mashed potato as the accomplements. I had broccoli soup too. Baby had 12oz steak with pepper sauce n French fries thick cut n beef stew.

This is my broccoli soup.

Quite tasty for a veggie soup. Makes my stomach feels warm n nice. A good start for an empty wif no lunch.
Baby's beef stew

I tasted abit of the stew and I must say it's really good. Very strong in flavour but abit too salty for me.

Main course

I poured all the mushroom over the steak then followed by the red wine sauce. I can't really tell it's red wine but it tasted good anyway. The steak was supposed to be medium rare but I think they messed up our order so my steak is like medium or medium well. Abit too tough for me but still acceptable. The mushroom really added alot more to the overall taste.

The mashed potato was homemade n that's the best for me. Lol.

If you are a small eater, the portion will definitely be too huge for you. I ate 1/3 of it I'm already very full!!!

Didn't take any pic of baby's. It looks identical to mine except his steak's cut is thicker. I forgot we topped up with mushroom too. Another 3.00 each for that.

One thing that I love is their soft drinks are refillable. @ 5.50 though. Dinner was great n service was good too.

We initially planned to have dessert. The cheese cake looked extremely temptating!! We didn't order, we were like bursting already.

Our Receipt:

Overall Review:
Price: SGD 111 :7/10: quite pricy!
Food: 8.8/10
Ambience: 9/10
Service: 10/10

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Vlee Conference @ Zirca

Vlee Conference is performed by Irene Ang, Chua Enlai, Shane Mardjuki and Brendon Fernandez at Zirca. It will be on for 10 days from 1st Sept - 10th Sept.

Its very entertaining, they do topics on very recent topics and events. The funniest part is Irene Ang acting as "Guan Yin Ma". I shall not be a spoiler, Watch it for yourself.

I like Chua Enlai performance too. He is very good.. Frankly speaking he can dance better than a girl.. lol..

After the performance I actually fell off my chair and hit my knee cap. This is the result of the fall!!! Pain like hell!!

Marutama Ramen

I personally find the ramen over-rated. However the taste of it is still good. I ate the spicy one with SGD1 topup for the Ajitsuke Tamago.

This is the ajitsuke tamago. I like it alot!!!

Ajitsuke Tamago looks like hard-boiled egg but the york is semi-cooked. I dunno how they do it but the york seems to be marinated or wad I'm not sure. It just tasted very good..

The ramen consist of a big slice of char siew, spring onions and seaweed.
My Rating
Food: 8/10
Price: 7/10
Service: 8/10

Friday, September 03, 2010

Jordan Birthday @ Swensen

Rush down to Jurong Point after work to celebrate Jordan birthday.. Well, apparently he loves Swensen therefore we had Swensen again for his birthday this year.

Here's were what we had:

Salmon and Mushroom Pasta as usual. I love white creamy sauce pasta

Side-dish: Deep-fried prawns

Kids Meal: Mini Ham and Cheese Burgers

Hawaiian Pizza

Side Dish: Rodeo Wings

There were few more dishes which I'm too lazy to take anymore.
Right now they have a +$10 to your main dish promotion. Add $10 and you get drinks, soup, side dish and scoop of ice-cream. In my opinion its very worth it, 1 side dish is ranging from 5.90-8.90.

Birthday boy get complementary ice-cream:

And of course the mother and the sister..

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

1st Day at Work

Finally found a job which I like!! So Far I've not started dreading about going to work so its good news.

Workplace is further this time. At Tanjong Pagar. So those who work around there can come look for me for lunch!!

This is my look for my 1st day at work:

My office:

My Table: I know the doll looks scary.. hehe and I bought dark chocolate from the store nearby. The friendly store lady recommended dark chocolate cause my gastric pain was acting up..